I am Eritrean. Eritrea is located in the horn of Africa. I was born in a town called Dekemhare. A town which was built during the time of Italian colonization. I started in St.Jacob Catholic Elementary school. When I finished my fifth grade we had to move to Asamara which is the capital city of Eritrea. The reason why we moved there was to find a better chance of education. Things went well as we planned, I was able to find a better classes and a better life.

When I finished my High-school it was an obligation for me to complete my National-service which I totally disagree, But there was no way that I could refuse back then. I joined the military camp which is located at the northern part of Eritrea. A place known as Sawa. After almost one year, the military treatment, the harsh type of climate, the shortage food and the torture got worse and worst. Sudan was located few miles away from the military camp. It is only 3 to 6 days by foot, there was no other choice the only choice was to cross the boarder. Me and my friend decided to cross the boarder,even though it was too dangerous for us. Finally we made it to Sudan.

I stayed there for almost 2 years and then I came to Switzerland as an asylum seeker. I could say I found a better life because, what I have when was back home was the best If it was not for the military. But I found hope here, a hope that I could achieve my studies. After I came to Switzerland I start to learn the language, and started to work for the Company called ungleich GmbH.

Here is an overview of my language skills:

Language Level(A-D) Experience
Tigrigna D Mother-language
English C Second Official-language
German B 2 years
Italian B Colloquial speech

My Htmlbook
My commandbook
My colors

My Emacs-shortcuts